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Layal Abboud

Layal Abboud is a young Lebanese singer who became known to a wide audience by participating in the 2001-2002 edition of "Studio Al Fan".

Talented and persevering, Layal has already released two albums where she sings in different dialects: Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaliji. Her repertoire contains 25 songs and 18 videos clip including her most famous titles: "Hawasy Kella", "Mashghoul Baly Aleik", "Ahla Zaffah" etc… Her sensitivity, her powerful voice and her ability to perform in various dialects earned her the support of the greatest composers and publishers.

Layal is famous for her interpretations of tarab and lebanese folklore. She also worked throughout her artistic career with several directors such as "Walid Nassef", "Jad Sawaya" or "Jean Richa" and won numerous awards during her performances in festivals on national and international level. She is actually working on her third album which will be soon released.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/14/2012 Ya ana Ya ana 2 45
7/28/2013 Khashkhash 7adid El Mohra 3 40
5/11/2014 Khaliha Bi Albi Tijra7 1 48
1/8/2017 Dinyet Ajayeb 1 85
8/23/2020 Wa Min Al 7ob Ma Katal 11 67
6/14/2021 Asmar 1 85

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